Een vergeten gedichtje geschreven op een vergeten woensdag ergens in maart

11 okt


“Had ik geweten hoe zwaar het was om je hand weer lost te laten… was het beter geweest dat ik hem nooit had vastgepakt”  – Alex.

Imagine, girl and boy sitting by a lake.
She’s shy, he wants to protect her but doesn’t know why.
He want’s to try for her heart, his love is her answer to everything.
The sun, round and orange slowly drops down into the water as crickets begin to sing their song.
Evening falls, his arm gently around her shoulders. She’s laughing in silence.
A bird, far away is telling their lovestory to everyone who’s willing to hear it.
‘Cautious little girl, boys are known for breaking hearts’
The birds and the trees know a fragille heart like hers needs to be protected.


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